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James Schultz Hardwood Flooring, INC wants you to have the best looking hardwood floors for years to come, so we are providing you with some information to maintain your floors.

All of this information has been gathered from our own personal experiences or from our research within the world of hardwood flooring.  You can find a list of sources we used at the bottom of this page, as well as links to other websites and documents availible for download.  If you would like to add anything to our list of resources, please e-mail us on the contact page and include the information you want to see represented.  Please also cite your source so that we may as well.  Thank you!

Regular Maintenance Needed -

Regular sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping with a dry mop are recommended to assure that sand, grit and other debris do not damage the surface of the flooring. Damp mopping with a manufacturer approved cleaner is recommended to maintain the hardwood floor's original appearance and luster.

Place a walk-off mat or area rug at all entries or high-use areas to protect the floor's finish from excessive wear.  ~Insider Tip~  Wait for 30 days after the installation of your floor to put down rugs to avoid leaving marks or impressions in the new, curing finish.)

Do's & Dont's -


*Wipe spills immediatedly.

*Use door mats and throw rugs outside room entrances and in front of kitchen sinks, dishwashers, and refrigerators to keep dirt and grit off your floor and to prevent damage and excessive wear.

*Place runners and area rugs with slip-resistant, breathable backing along high traffic areas.

*Move heavy appliances using an air sled or plywood / Masonite hardboard over cardboard or building paper.

*Use furniture leg-protectors (available at your local hardware store in plastic with felted bottoms) under all furniture legs, casters, or wheels.

*Replace hard, narrow furniture rollers / wheels with wider, rubber rollers / wheels.

*Keep the relative humidity in your home between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

*Protect your hardwood floor from direct sunlight.

*Clean your hardwood floor with a manufacturer-approved hardwood flooring cleaner such as Bona brand cleaners.

Do Not:

*Clean wood floor with a mop and water.  It will cause the floor to cup from excess moisture.

*Clean wood floor with soap and water.  It will leave an unsightly, opaque, cloudy film.

*Clean wood floor with oil soap such as Murphys or Pledge.  These oil-based products leave a residue that attracts ingrained dirt, hair, and grit.

*Clean the floor with any product that states "renew, refresh, restore", etc.  This kind of product often strips the finish from hardwood flooring.

*Clean or maintain a wood floor with any spray wax product.  These products will not penetrate, and are very slippery.

*Allow water to stand on your hardwood floor for any length of time.  It will cause the floor to cup from excess moisture. 

*Use steam cleaners or products that spray cleaning solutions or detergents onto the surface of the floor.  These products can damage the finish, cause cupping, or leave behind residues.

*Walk across your hardwood floor in poorly-maintained shoes with heel taps, spiked heels, or with any sharp object protuding from your shoe.  We recommend most hardwood floor owners to wear socks or slippers to maintain the life of their hardwood flooring and finish. 

*Allow furniture to rest on the wood floor on metal tips or hard domes.  Your local hardware store carries plastic cups with felted bottoms made to be placed under furniture legs or casters to keep these items from gouging your hardwoods and / or finish.

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