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Services Offered:

Installation of Hardwood Floors- We provide you with the following installations; Unfinished Solid Hardwoods, Prefinished Hardwoods, Unfinished Enginered Hardwoods, & Prefinished Enginered Hardwoods.  

Sanding - James Schultz Hardwood Flooring, INC includes an automatic sanding and the industry standard minimum of two coats of finish in all prices for our unfinished / new products.   

~Insider tip~  An optimum, protective third coat of finish is optional for an extra charge.~

Refinishing - For the customer who already has hardwoods in their home or business and needs them brightened up, we will re-sand an exsisting hardwood floor, bringing it back to its original appearance as much as is possible.  

~Insider Tip~ There is always a lot of room for imperfections, depending on the condition of the floor at the start of the refinish.  We do everything in our power to minimize these imperfections for you.~  

Custom Work - Do you have an idea for an unique floor, one you want done just the way you want it?  We do custom border work and inlay installations.  We can design border and inlay work in the floor to meet any design specifications you might have in mind.

Repair Work - For the customer who needs a certian spot, scratch, or patch of hardwood fixed or replaced, we offer spot restoration.                                  

~Insider Tip~ A spot repair can provide a great "band-aid" for a floor you are fixing.  Do be aware, however, that it is common for a spot repair not to blend perfectly with the old wood job.  We will do everything in our power to minimize this inconvience for you.~

Floors Offered:  ~There are mulitple species of wood to choose from, and multiple patterns in which to lay the hardwood, as well as multiple options of thickness and wideness of wood.~

  • Prefinished
  • Engineered
  • Glued Down
  • Floating
  • Nailed Down and Top-Nailed
  • Unfinished
  • Solid

Finishes Offered:

Swedish Finishes - Glitsa & Synteko

Water-based Finishes - Bona


Installation - As low as $7.00 per square foot.  ~Depending on type of wood, finish, and thickness of wood.~

Refinishing - As low as $2.50 - $3.50 per square foot. ~Depending on condition of floor, type of wood, finish, and thickness of wood.~

Custom Work & Repair Work - Prices may vary.  Call us for a free estimate!


Prior to the start date of your installation, sanding, or refinishing work, please print and follow this Customer Preperation Checklist!

Customer Prep Checklist