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James Schultz Hardwood Flooring, INC is happy to save you money. As a customer of ours you are already saving money by cutting out the middleman...and once we get to work, we are able to save you even more!

You might ask; if we're already so competitive, why should we offer you specials?

Here's your answer!  When we save money buying specials from the dealers of our products, we want to transfer those savings down to you.


Instead of hanging on to a large backstock of product, we believe it is better to buy when the price is right and offer products to you at prices that you cannot pass up!

Every week we offer special pricing that changes by the hour and by the day as we work with our wholesalers to pass our savings and our price breaks on to you.  Our committment is to give you the best deal we can get, even if we have to spend the entire day calling every outlet in the Puget Sound area to get you the best deal!  Call us to find out what we can do; we will go to bat for you!